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Boot Fitting

At Sandy's Saddlery we take pride in our specialty of fitting boots properly.

It is very important to get the right fit when purchasing boots, giving you a very long time to enjoy the comfort. Most people's right foot is larger than their left foot, but sometimes the left foot is the larger one. If after a short time, the boots you choose don't fit perfectly, we have the equipment to stretch one or both boots at no charge.

If you have a pair of boots which no longer fit properly, bring them into our store and for a small charge, we will stretch them for you.

Hat Fitting

Hats are like boots, if they fit nice, you'll wear them every chance you have.

At Sandy's Saddlery, we take time with each customer to fit hats properly, so you'll enjoy wearing your favourite hat to all the concerts, fairs, competitions, backyard BBQ's and parties you take part in.

Hat Stretching

We have equipment to stretch hats if they don't fit comfortably. When purchasing a new hat at Sandy's Saddlery, we will stretch it if it doesn't fit as comfortably as you would like. Also, if you already have a favourite hat that needs to be re-fitted, bring it into our store and for a small charge, we will stretch it for you.

Hat Cleaning

We now have products for cleaning and making your favourite hat look new again.

Hat Blocking

We now have the equipment to offer this new service of blocking hats. If you have a favourite hat which needs cleaning or re-shaping, bring it into our store and for a small charge, we will if it's not too damaged, restore it back to original.

Leather Fabrication & Repair

Sandy's Saddlery offers a great leather fabrication and repair service. If you want something custom made of leather, just bring us a description or photo from the internet and we will make it for you. Also if you have clothing, footwear or an item which needs repair, don't hesitate to bring it into our store and have it done.

Refurbishing English & Western saddles is also one of our many services. Bring your saddle in for any repairs and if needed cleaned and oiled to preserve the leather.

At Sandy's Saddlery, the area we take the most pride in is:


Thank-you to all our customers who support us in every aspect of our business, whether it be horse equipment, footwear, clothing or services we provide, very much appreciated!